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We are not Veterinarians. You, as the owner, are bound to care for your puppy/dog by seeking Veterinary care promptly when needed. We encourage you to speak to your Vet if you are at all concerned about the health of your puppy/dog.

If at any time you are in doubt about any health situation or EMERGENCY you find yourself and your pet in, CONTACT YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY

  • Feed your dog an appropriate balanced diet to maintain him/her in good condition.
  • Either too little or too much food, or the wrong type of food can cause health problems for your dog. 
  • Supply clean cool water at all times, in a container that cannot be tipped over.
  • Don't feed cooked bones to your dog, these can splinter and cause injury.
  • Provide a comfortable dry sleeping area, along with shade during the day.
  • Protect your dog's health - This includes regular vaccinations, worming (including heartworm), flea and tick control, and veterinary treatment for injuries or illness.
  • Give your dog plenty of company and time with the family. Dogs are pack animals. They are unhappy if left alone for long periods of time. They need the company of people or other dogs.
  • Exercise and socialise your dog regularly, this is necessary for your dog's physical and mental health.
  • Ensure your dog is adequately cared for when you are on holidays..
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