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puppies for sale

Pet Exchange Register Number: RB104110

We are no longer breeding German Shepherd Dogs, however from time to time we know Breeders who are breeding from the Kazkiri lines and we will advertise their litters on this website.
We are indeed fortunate to announce a litter due from Taylorcruz GSDs on the 18 August 2019.

Puppies Due 18 August 2019 from Kazkiri Smoke and Mirrors  CH. TD, ET, A Z BS & Conbhairean Freddie​ 

Buying a puppy is a serious responsibility.
Are you willing to make a committment to provide LOVE, CARE & TRAINING for the life of this dog?
If the answer is NO...
Then you should reconsider your desire to purchase a Kazkiri GSD puppy!

The Puppy Inquiry Form is the first impression we have of a puppy's potential home/family – some detail should be given about:- 

  • the home you are offering,
  • what housing will be available for puppy/older dog,
  • will the puppy be an inside or outside dog,
  • what training you are planning for your German Shepherd Dog - if training isn't one of your priorities I suggest you look elsewhere for your new family companion, 
  • and any other information you think relevant.

We spend a great deal of time reviewing each Inquiry Form for the puppy shortlist, so the first impression needs to be one that counts.

Puppy purchase price, $2,500, includes Kazkiri booklet, diet chart, contract of sale & toys.

Before puppies leave our care they are:-

  • Raised in a clean, loving environment;  
  • Registered with the VCA;
  • Vaccinated;
  • Wormed regularly;
  • Microchipped & 
  • Monthly Heartworm program is commenced.

Purchase price of a puppy  comprises  the Kazkiri Puppy Booklet  and puppy pack with the following detailed information:  

  • VCA Certificate of Registration & Pedigree (all puppies are sold on the Main Register - check out the difference between 'main'  and 'limited' register pedigrees on our FAQ page);
  • Photos of sire & dam;
  • 5-generation pedigree;
  • Copies of sire & dam's Hip/Elbow results;
  • Contract of Sale;
  • Feeding chart;
  • Information on raising a puppy until  the age of 12 months; 
  • Vaccination Certificate; 
  • Toy (type of toy or gift may vary from time to time);
  • Lifetime support for you & your puppy/dog;
  • Our relationship with our puppy owners is of paramount importance to us.

Make sure you take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Page) before contacting us.
Please refer to the spay/neuter article before contacting us.

  • By completing our Inquiry Form you are REGISTERING your INTEREST in an upcoming Kazkiri Puppy as a family companion.
  • At Kazkiri kennels we endeavour to ensure that all suitable applicants are guaranteed a puppy as soon as possible. However please note that your inquiry and any subsequent listing on our 'puppy waiting list' does not automatically guarantee you a puppy.
  • In order to protect the best interests of our puppies we expressly reserve the right to refuse buyers,  if those buyers are considered unsuitable.
  • Once our puppies are 4 weeks old you are able to secure one of our lovable babies by providing a $200 deposit.

NB Our SPAY NEUTER POLICY: For whose benefit are you desexing your puppy - your benefit or your dog's long term health?
Generally our puppies are owned by people who wish to spay or neuter their family pets, with many vets advising to do this at a very early age – under 12 months. However, while understanding pet owners wishes to follow their Vet’s advice, scientific evidence is mounting that early desexing can be detrimental & can deliver serious consequences to your dog’s long term health . Amongst those health issues are: shortened lifespan, atypical Cushing’s disease, cardiac tumors, bone cancer, abnormal bone growth and development, CCL ruptures, and hip dysplasia.
We advise that if you MUST spay or neuter your family companion - spay or neuter at a minimum of one year if not two years of age. Allow your pet to reach full maturation and reach adulthood before considering surgery.

For more information on spaying/neutering your pet.
For information on Spaying and Castration (Neutering) Dogs
Link for Neutering Dogs in Depth

We are assuming that you have extensively researched the breed and if this is the case and you are interested in a Kazkiri Puppy,
please register your interest by completing & submitting the 
puppy inquiry form.  

Contact Stacey on 0415 165687 or Justin on 0413 702 337