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2015 news archive

German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri VykinGerman Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri Xivas Ma Belle Amie German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri VasurGerman Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri Kumani German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri Holy SmokeGerman Shepherd Dogs -  Kazkiri GSDs German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri Brando German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri Bohemian Rhapsody

German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri GSDs Litter whelped 25 June 2015
German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri GSDs
German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri Lacey
Kazkiri Lacey aka Zoe
German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri GSDs
Baby Bebe
German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri Shawnee
Kazkiri Shawnee aka IndiGerman Shepherd Dogs -  Kazkiri Janti
Kazkiri Janti aka Rhoadi

Kazkiri Bohemian Rhapsody

2 January 2015 -  Kazkiri Smokescreen, Smoke And Mirrors & Where Theres Smoke left Kazkiri today for their new homes. We wish all the new owners a long, happy, healthy life with their new puppies.

3 January 2015 - Kazkiri Holy Smoke left Kazkiri today to go to his new home in the Northern Territory. We wish Ash a long, happy, healthy life with the Casey Family.

22 January 2015 - Kazkiri Smoke On The Water aka Ngaire arrived in Auckland today & starts her new life with Reidhaus German Shepherds. Good luck Glenn & family & may Ngaire have a happy & successful life whether in the Show or Obedience rings.

23 January 2015
- Excellent Service from Dogs Victoria with Ngaire's Export Pedigree arriving today, and  excellent service from Australia Post as Ngaire's Pet Pillow also arrived today - bouquets to both services!

26 January 2015 - Kazkiri Xivas Ma Belle Amie, Kazkiri Smoke On the Water photos updated. Kazkiri Paint it Black For Sale Notice updated.

27 January 2015 - Kazkiri Holy Smoke Photo Updates

27 January 2015 - Happy 4th Birthday to the Q Litter - K. Quazar, K.Quiana, K. Quirina, K. Quanda, K. Quantico, K. Q'Anila, K. Qryn, K. Quiptonyte & special hugs to the Cleare family who lost their very beautiful K. Just Q RIP.

27 January 2015 - B Litter's 8th Birthday.
Happy Birthday
K. Back in Black, K. Bakkus, K. Bolero (RIP), K. Bam Bam, K. Beam Me Up, K. Bacio, K. Bossa Nova, K. Boags RIP, K.Beez Neez.

28 January 2015 - Over the last few days Bravo has not been well. We knew Bravo's trip to the Bridge was going to come sooner rather than later, but it is still hard to deal with. Bravo will never be far away though, as close as our hearts for those who loved him. He is buried on my brother's farm where he chased rabbits, kangaroos, wild ducks & mice. We can still see the grass part as he runs after them.
RIP our beautiful boy Bravo.

30 January 2015 - We have added the Thank You Page to our website

1 February 2015 - Happy 9th Birthday to the Z Litter from Vroni & Bobby
K. Zengra RIP, , K. Zambezii, K. Zondeki, K. Zabriski, K. Zingaro, K. Zhane, K. Zanzibar & K. Zahira RIP.

3 February 2015 - Happy 14th Birthday to Kazkiri Divine Miss M and her siblings.
K. Black Sabbath, K. Cold Chisel, K. Hawkwind, K. Debbie Harry, K. Annie Lennox & K. Stevie Nicks

9 February 2015 - Happy 11th Birthday to the 'Hood" Litter
K. Pacino, K. Deniro, K. Brando, K. Bogart, K. Marlene, K. Pia Angeli, K. Greta, K. Sophia & K. Ava

14 February 2015 - Happy 4th Birthday to the T Litter
K. Tigressa, K. El Tigre, K. Tijger, K.Tiikeri & K. Tigerlily RIP

28 February 2015 - Karen & Vykin called in after their road trip to Sydney.

7 March 2015 - Very proud of the Kazkiri Crew & their owners who competed in the SBE this weekend.
Kazkiri Deep Purple 1st Intermediate Dog VG Grading
Kazkiri Xivas Ma Belle Amie 2nd MPB LSC VP
Kazkiri Vasur CDX score 185
Kazkiri Kumani Rally-O 2nd Novice score 78

14 March 2015 - Kazkiri Janti receives her 2nd Pass in Rally O Advance. Very proud of these two girls - Congratulations Iva & Rhoadi.

15 March 2015 - Kazkiri Holy Smoke competed in his first show at the Darwin Canine Expo Championship Show last night. Ash was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Group 5 dogs from Judge Susan Bruno QLD - the first LSC GSD to be shown in the territory. Congratulations Team Ash

23 March 2015 - Yesterday we visited Göttin Kennels and their first litter from Kazkiri Quirina & Xeno von Arjakjo. Puppies are beautifully raised & a credit to Sarah. 

23 March 2015 -

Kazkiri Brando aka Ajax
Sire: Fedor von der Magistrate
Dam: Hilltop Vroni
9 February 2004 - 20 March 2015

Our sincere sympathy to Melody Horvatt & family on theloss of their beloved Ajax

19 April 2015 - Latest Photos of Kazkiri Bark At The Moon

19 April 2015 - Kazkiri Janti aka Rhoadi  2nd Place at the GSDCV Fun Day in the CCD Class
on the 19 April 2015

25 April 2015 - Happy 2nd birthday to the Little Diggers (P Litter) that are all grown up!
Sire: Britstar New Age Guy
Dam: Jannire Black Betty
Paint It Black, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Deep Purple, Panama Red, Paper Gangsta, Portobello Belle, Paper Tiger, Pardon Me Boys, Prelude to a Kiss, Paper Doll

25 April 2015 - Happy 1st Birthday to the 2nd Litter of Little Diggers (B Litter)that are not so little any more!
Sire: CH Siobahn Apollo
Dam: Kazkiri Suri
Borstal Boy, Bubba Sparxxx, Born On The Bayou, Bark At The Moon, Black Metallic & Bohemian Rhapsody

25 April 2015 - Kazkiri Xivas Ma Belle Amie
Sire CH Siobhan Apollo
Dam Kazkiri Xiva
Baby Belle has had a very successful day today winning Reserve Challenge Bitch, Puppy of Breed & Puppy in Group at the Kilmore Kennel Club Championship Show at the Bulla Exhibition Centre.
Thank you to her Judge Mr Ian Uri (Vic), her Group Judge Mrs L Matthews (NSW), Belle's handlers Deb Colson & Michelle Merceica....

Karen C you haven taken on board everything you were advised to do to improve Belle's performance.
Very proud of you both.
Sorry no photos today of any of classes due to atrocious


25 April 2015 -  Kazkiri Bohemian Rhapsody aka Indy
Sire CH Siobhan Apollo
Dam Kazkiri Suri
Proudly owned by Yvonne Yun
Indy also had a successful outing at a NSW Show (Sorry don't have details of show, judge or handler at the moment) ...
Indy won 1st Place & Reserve Challenge
Well done Team Indy

1 May 2015 - We celebrate Zhariva Achilles'3rd Birthday today. Happy Birthday Numa 

GSDC National Results
8 May 2015 - Kazkiri Janti CCD RN Winner of RALLY-O Advanced “A”

9 May 2015 - Kazkiri Vasur 2nd Open Dog Obedience

9 May 2015 - Kazkiri Kumani RN Received her first Pass in Novice

9 May 2015 - Kazkiri Xivas Ma Belle Amie 2nd LSC Puppy Bitch Very Promising

9 May 2015 - Kazkiri Deep Purple 9th Intermediate Dog Very Good

22 May 2015- Xiva confirmed in whelp to Xeno by ultrasound

8 June 2015 - Kazkiri Pour Some Sugar On Me &
Kazkiri Holy Smoke Photos updated

13 June 2015 - Congratulations on a very successful day at the Dogs on Show NSW to Kazkiri Bohemian Rhapsody BOB (8 point Challenge) & her half sister Vladimir Greyt Sensation (Reserve Challenge) & their owner Yvonne Yun. Well done girls - Go the LSCs!

20 June 2015 - Kazkiri Bohemian Rhapsody Best Junior of Breed at the June Sanction Show & Trial, NSW - Judge Mr Rod Vernon

25 June 2015 - Xiva/Xeno Litter born 3 males 3 females.

13 July 2015 - A very sad day for the Spurrell family today.
Their beautiful girl Zoe passed away last night.
God bless you girl - run young & free once more - united with your mum & other members of your family
Kazkiri Lacey
Sire Aimsway Abacus
Dam Hilltop Vroni
26 November 2002 - 13 July 2015

9 August 2015 - A very successful first Puppy Hour held today. Lovely to meet all the prospective new owners.
The puppies had a great time socialising with you all.

16 August 2015 - Second Puppy Hour held for New Owners . Photos of  today & last week posted on the Puppy Page 

19 August 2015 - Puppies Microchipped & Vaccinated today

22 August 2015 - Congratulations Erica & Kazkiri Kumani on obtaining your CD Title with a score of 190 points & Marylin & Kazkiri Vasur for 3rd Place in the Open Class at the Westernport Obedience Obedience Dog Club.  

23 August 2015 - Our final Puppy Hour for the Six Little Indians was held today & as usual the puppies had a great time as did the new owners. The new owners were very pleased to meet Xiva & she showed everyone how proud she is of her family.

28 August 2015 - Happy 9th Birthday to our beloved Bebe aka Jannire Black Betty. Seems like it was only yesterday when we brought baby Bebe home. Loved you the moment you were born.

28  August 2015 - The first of the Six Little Indians left for her new home this morning. Kazkiri Shawnee aka Indi. We wish your new family Chris, Pach, Dan & Caity all the best  now & always.

29 August 2015 - Today our new owners took 4 of the Six little Indians home with them - Kazkiri Cheyenne with Kelly & Ash, Kazkiri Comanche with Joseph, Kazkiri Sequoia with Tracey & Kazkiri Shonone with Scott - we wish you all a long & happy life together.

It is with some sadness that the time has come to say that this will be the last litter that I will personally breed, though my good friend Karen Cordell will breed Kazkiri Xivas Ma Belle Amie under the Kazkiri Prefix sometime in the future.
Over the years I have met many wonderful people who have given the Shepherds I have bred beautiful homes. I will continue with the Kazkiri website for those who are interested in the escapades of our dogs updated.

10 October 2015 - Kazkiri webiste Banner updated 

10 October 2015 - Kazkiri Janti aka Rhoadi awarded 2nd Place with a score of 92/100 at the Rally O Trial at KCC Park.

11 October 2015 - Kazkiri Vasur awarded 1st Place with a score of 194/200 at the Obedience Trial at KCC Park.

29 October 2015 - Happy First Birthday to the Smoke LItter - Holy Smoke aka Ash , Where Theres Smoke aka Gypsy, Smoke & Mirrors aka Cruz, Smoke On The Water aka Ngaire, Smokescreen aka Nikki - Hard to believe how fast this last year has gone. Hope you & your owners have a day full of enjoyment & fun.

31 October 2015 - First Specialist Show for Kazkiri Cherokee and he just happens to be the baby in the class and is awarded 1st Place by Judge Herr Eric Boesl (SV). Well done David & Michael & Congratulations to the other competitors.

1 November 2015 - Cherokee's 2nd show & is awarded 2nd place by an Australian judge - Well done David & Michael. Congratulations to the Winner & the other competitors.

6 December 2015 - Kazkiri Cherokee 1st Baby Puppy Dog at German Shepherd Dog Open Show December 6th  under Judge: Mr Jonathan Marshall

10 December 2015 - Kazkiri Xivas Ma Belle Amie received her A & Z  Stamps for Hips & Elbows today

12 December 2015 - Kazkiri Bohemian Rhapsody 1st Intermediate LSC Bitch & Reserve Challenge at the German Shepherd Dog (NSW) Open Show December 13. Judge Ms Jessica Kada

31 December 2015 Kazkiri Cherokee & Siblings moved to Our Stock Coat GSDs


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