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2012 news archive

4 Dec 2012 - It is with a great deal of sadness we learnt that the beautiful young tracking champion Kazkiri Tiger Lily died today. Our thoughts & prayers go out to Wendy her owner & to Lesleigh & Geoff who brought Lily into the world. RIP Sweet Lily!

26 November 2012 - Happy 10th Birthday to the Lawyer & Detective Litter

19 May 2012: Our 2nd Puppy Hour was held today & we met some "old" & new friends :-)

Congratulations to Seigen Suri's Alfie & Connections on his 4th Place in the Intermediate Class at the 2012 GSDCA National! 

14 May 2012: Kazkiri Kumani passes the HD/ED Schemes
V Litter Photos updated

12 May 2012: V Litter Photos Updated

5 May 2012: We held our first "puppy Hour" for the V Litter today with people travelling from as far as Mildura coming to visit Bebe & her Babes. Thank you all for making the effort :-)

There were 14 adults & 4 children attending and they came with many oohs & aahs. Bebe enjoyed all the lavish attention and the visitors enjoyed seeing her wonderful temperament & watching her with her kids.
What difficult decisions are going to have to be made! Lovely families & couples and all offering the Babes such wonderful homes!

Next Saturday - 12 May 2012 -  we are a holding a special hour for those on the waiting list that were unable to attend today. We are sure this visit is going to make it even more difficult for us.

3 May 2012:  V Litter Photos updated

1 May 2012: Little Spartans have arrived

29 April 2012: T CH Kazkiri Tigerlily - TSD Test 1 gained at Haddon 27th April 2012

25 April 2012: Kazkiri congratulates Seigen Suris Alfie on his 1 Very Good Merit Intermediate Dog at the WA SBE.
Well done to all his connections!

22 April  2012: Kazkiri Quazar photos updated
Jannire Black Betty photos updated 
What they say

18 April 2012: V Litter - Red Collar Girl Photo

13 April 2012: V Litter photos  updated

8 April 2012: Kazkiri Xavi - "Sparta"  2nd Open Dog & Reserve Challenge Dog at the  Easter Show in Sydney under Mr Malcolm Griffiths (UK).

"Sparta" was the 2nd youngest dog in the Open Dog Class at only his 4th Specialist Show.

Sparta did not start training for the Show circuit until one month before the GSDCA National in May 2011 where he won the Junior Dog Class. As you can imagine we are all very proud of his achievements in the last 12 months. In 4 shows he has not been placed lower than 2nd.

Look out for Sparta's first litters over the next 5 weeks.

On the same day, Sparta's mother delivered 10 puppies - 5 females 5 males. Sire of the litter is Esko aus dem Haus Zygadto. For more information in regard to our latest litter click here

26 March 2012: Puppy photos

12 March 2012: Today would have been Tairnbacher Quini's (Kaz) 20th Birthday.
Happy Birthday sweetheart.

11 March 2012: Congratulations to Kazkiri Suri's son  - Seigen Suri's Alfie on winning Junior Dog at the GSDCV Inc under Herr Bosl & also to our beautiflul boy Kazkiri Xavi on his 2nd Place  & Reserve Challenge at the same show. He was the 2nd yougest dog in the class. Well done Angela, Jon & Jurgen.

9 March 2012: Q Litter photos updated

6 March 2012: Our deepest sympathy goes to the Gardiner Family
who have lost their best friend Shadow - Kazkiri Working Man

23 February 2012: Photos Kazkiri Kumani
Photos Kazkiri Ximon

22 February 2012: Q Litter photo updates

14 February 2012: Happy Birthday to the T Litter: Tigerlily, Tigressa, Tijger, Tiikeri & El Tijger 
Latest photos of Kazkiri Keppler aka Gryffyn

11 February 2012: Q Litter photos updated

27 February 2012: The Q Litter has arrived - 1 Male 8 Females

25 January 2012: Jannire Black Betty - Planned mating.

20 Janary 2012: Added the Friends & their Websites page

16 January 2012:
Kazkiri Midnite Special aka 'Max' celebrates his 10th Birthday 

11 January 2012: Kazkiri Xavi Photos updated

9 January 2012: Super Heroes Coming!

6 January 2012: Standing at Stud - Kazkiri Xavi 'Sparta'

1 January 2012: Kazkiri Jubilee - 'Saffy' photos updated

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